Thursday, March 30, 2023

Praise 96.3’s Dan Bell wins Golden Mic Award

Praise 96.3, East Tennessee’s Top Southern Gospel Radio Station is proud to announce that afternoon personality and music director, Dan Bell, has been awarded the Singing News Golden Mic Award for December 2017. Bell, a very familiar voice in Knoxville radio for over 40 years, received this coveted award for his excellence in broadcasting from the Singing News Magazine, which is the largest Southern Gospel Publication in the Nation.
Station Manager, Jamie Lewis, said “It is a great honor to have Dan Bell receive this award, we are proud of the work that he has done at Praise 96.3.” Station owner, Ron Meredith, said “I have known Dan Bell for many years and have always known him to be one of the best in the broadcasting business.”  Praise 96.3 has received many honors over its years of broadcasting and is known by Southern Gospel Artists and listeners all over the country.
Bell worked for the Rev. J. Bazzel Mull in 2001 broadcasting the “Preachers” show each Sunday. Many years later, M&M Broadcasting purchased WJBZ FM and called upon the talents of Bell to be its music director and afternoon personality. Other stations where Dan has been heard are WIVK FM, WDLY FM, WOKI FM, and WNOX AM/FM. Dan started his broadcasting career as a teenager in Gastonia, North Carolina.
Praise 96.3 has been voted Top Southern Gospel Station in America for the past 2 years and has been on the air since 1991. Rev. J. Bazzel Mull put the station on the air on March 31, 1991 and still today remains true to the Southern Gospel format and it’s mission of spreading the Word in Song. Online listening has brought listeners to Praise 96.3 from all over the world.
The Golden Mic Award honors excellence in Christian broadcasting and is awarded by The Singing News Magazine.

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  1. I have listen to Dan Bell for years..You can hear the kindness in his voice and know that he truly loves God…Keep up the good and blessed show WJBZ FM..I also watch the Mull’s show every Sunday morning show..Love love love it….Guyda McGregor