Praise 96.3, 96.7 Merle FM, WYSH AM, and WQLA welcome David Aldrich as Chief Meteorologist

Praise 96.3 FM, 96.7 Merle FM, WYSH AM, and WQLA are proud to announce David Aldrich and Captain Accurate Weather as our official chief meteorologist!

This makes our group of radio stations the only radio stations in Knoxville to have our own meteorologist!

If accurate weather is important to you, Merle FM, Praise FM, and WYSH/ WQLA should be important to you.

Starting Monday, November 18th, listen for David’s weather reports on Praise 96.3, Merle FM, WYSH, and WQLA!

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One comment

  1. I am a few months behind with this comment but I am so happy that you have David Aldrich as your meteorologist. I have missed seeing him on TV and I felt that he wasn’t treated very well. Thank you for giving him this position. He is a wonderful Christian and an excellent meteorologist! Blessings to all of you!